Justin Wagner, New York State Senate Candidate, Releases New Dance Video

Control of the New York State Senate could come down to who has the best dance video.

Justin Wagner, a Democrat challenging state Sen. Greg Ball (R-Patterson) in a Hudson Valley district, released a new dance video on Thursday, weeks after Ball's campaign released their own videos. While Ball's video shows his campaign staff in a seemingly impromptu music-less dance, Wagner's work appears a bit more coordinated. The Ball-Wagner race is one of the most competitive in the battle for control of the Senate. New York political blog Capitol Tonight first reported on the Wagner dance video.

In Wagner's video, the candidate can be seen entering his campaign office and watching supporters dancing to Bill Clinton's campaign theme song, "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow." The video shows Wagner staff and supporters dancing at the office, in a minivan and in restaurants. Wagner's wife and baby daughter are also shown dancing in a pumpkin patch.

In Ball's video, released Sept. 26, four staffers dance in his sprawling campaign office with no music in the background. The Sept. 26 dance video came a day after Ball's team released another dance video of the staff, in which the staffers sang "This Is How We Do It," Politics on the Hudson reported. Ball cannot be seen in either dance video.

Wagner's Facebook page and Ball's video titles both highlight the fun-in-the-office themes of the dance videos.

Republicans currently control the New York Senate 33-29, with Democrats seeking to regain the chamber they lost in 2010. Ball, who has worked with the Tea Party in the past, has labeled his Democratic opponent "Wacky Wagner." Wagner, a former advisory neighborhood commissioner in Washington, D.C., has fired back, accusing Ball of flip-flopping on minimum wage issues.

Wagner's dance video comes days after Washington Republican gubernatorial nominee Rob McKenna released a video of himself dancing with his wife Gangnam-style during an event. In August, the Utah delegation to the Republican National Convention released a video of themselves singing "Call Me Maybe." The Utah video, which included two U.S. senators and the governor, only had one dance included, when West Valley Mayor Mike Winder showed off his moves in front of a Romney/Ryan sign for a few seconds.



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