Child Prodigy Cellist Justin Yu Meets Ellen; He's Brilliant And Charming All At Once

Child Prodigy Cellist Justin Yu Teaches Ellen His Victory Dance

While most kids are busy learning basic math, 7-year-old Jun (Justin) Yu is busy being a cello master.

The son of Chinese composer and conductor Ziliang and Korean pianist Rho Aera, this kid was born to play. Yu started on the cello when he was just 3 and began wowing Carnegie Hall audiences at 6.

So of course it wasn't long before Ellen found out about the child prodigy. Yu appeared on her show on Sept. 24 and charmed his way right into our hearts.

His answer on why he shakes his head when he plays is too cute: "When I play fast songs, I feel the rhythm in my mind, and you feel like you want to dance. But if you shake your head too much, you might get dizzy."

Oh, and his victory dance? Amazing.

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