Snooki Claims 'Jersey Shore' Star JWoww Is Responsible For New Jersey Gay Marriage Legalization

New Jersey joined the growing number of states to legally allow same sex-marriage last week. But who was really the force spearheading this historic legislation?

The pair hosted Halloween blowout "Night Of The Living Drag" last Friday in NYC alongside "Drag Race" winner Sharon Needles. While there, the "Jersey Shore" alums took some time to get candidly political about gay marriage in their home state.

According to Uinterview, when reporters asked the pair about the termination of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's battle against same-sex marriage legalization, Snooki reportedly yelled, "Thank God! I think that it’s Jennie’s doing... Right right before all that happened, Christie said he wouldn’t legalize gay marriage in New Jersey, and then all of the sudden it happened." She then turned to JWoww and said, "In my heart, I think it was you."

JWoww has been vocal about her opposition to Christie's stance on gay marriage, having previously told TMZ that the New Jersey governor is "retarded" for opposing gay marriage and claiming that "he's a disgrace to Jersey -- just like we were!"

JWoww also took on the political powerhouse in an interview with the New York Daily News, telling reporters,

If you have a problem with two people being in love, and you’re against gay marriage, I have a problem with you. What happens between two human beings has nothing to do with Chris Christie and does not affect Chris Christie. What does affect me is when my best friend can’t get married in New Jersey, and my best friend’s mother, who is a lesbian, can’t get married.

If her influence did play any part in New Jersey's gay marriage legalization, all we have to say is good for you, JWoww!

The pair's MTV show "Snooki and JWoww" will premiere its third season on Oct. 22.



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