JWoww In Maxim: Bikini & No Belly Button (PHOTOS)

JWwow may not return for season 3 of 'Jersey Shore' due to a contract dispute, but you can see her flaunting her bikini body in the August issue of Maxim. Here are a couple of questions from the interview, read the whole thing here.

What's your favorite bikini style?
"Ruche. It's a lacy style of stitching. The ruche goes into the butt crack, so it gives you a bigger-looking ass. Hot!"

Summer sex: hot or too sticky?
"Hot and sweaty is the greatest with the right person. But if it's the wrong person, ugggh, it's disgusting. It's like, OK, not working. Get away from me and shut the door behind you."

Below are a couple of pictures from the photo shoot. In the first her belly button appears to have been Photoshopped out, as Lindsay Lohan's was for her recent German GQ shoot.