K-Pop Band BTS Rocks Its New Gear From Olympians Alex And Maia Shibutani

Lookin' good, guys!

Olympic figure skating siblings Alex and Maia Shibutani, who are serious BTS stans, recently set out to get their beloved K-pop band some Team USA swag. 

It looks like the Shib Sibs were successful. 

BTS shared some photos on its Twitter page of members V and Jin rockin’ their customized Ralph Lauren hats. 

Of course, the Shibutanis were happy to see their swag land in the hands of some K-pop legends. And Maia seemed especially excited with V’s outfit. 

The ice dancers, who brought home two bronze medals from the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, previously told HuffPost that they see parallels between their art and BTS’s.

“Music is one of those things, like sports, that doesn’t have a language. And so people are really appreciating what they do with their music,” Alex told HuffPost. “And I think we connect to that, because with our skating, even though we’ve always been different, we always try to make sure that we’re as good as we possibly can be.”

Alex also added that seeing Asians kill it in the entertainment industry means a lot to him, since he’s grown up during a time in which Asians are often not represented in that field. 

“Especially growing up as an Asian-American, there aren’t a lot of people that I was able to look up to or see in movies in leading roles,” he said. “And obviously BTS does music, but to see them experiencing so much success right now is inspiring for us. And we’re really proud of them.”