K-Pop Gifts For Your Friend Who's Completely Obsessed

The best K-pop merchandise, Korean skin care and all things Korean.

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock, K-pop ― or Korean pop music ― is a wildly popular genre of music that originated in South Korea during the 1990s. Love for K-pop has grown exponentially over the years, with bands even hosting sold-out tours in the U.S., performing on “Saturday Night Live” and gracing the Billboard Top 100 charts many times over. Some of the most popular K-pop groups with millions of fans include BTS, BLACKPINK, Exo, BIGBANG, Got7 and Twice.

K-pop lovers are typically riding the larger Hallyu, or Korean Wave, which is the increase in popularity of South Korean culture across the world. It goes without saying that fans of these K-pop groups want something related to K-pop or South Korean culture for their holiday gifts. We’ve rounded up the best presents, including K-pop merchandise, Korean skin care and all things Korean for your K-pop-obsessed friend. Use our guide to cross them off your shopping list.

Mediheal Bio Capsulin Love Me Mask Set (BTS Edition)
Each of these heart-shaped capsule masks (three total) contains a bio-cellulose sheet. The green capsule is a soothing mask with tea tree extract, the blue capsule is a hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid, and the purple capsule is a toning mask with ascorbic acid. Each of these masks also contains jojoba oil, which is one of Jungkook’s (from BTS) favorite ingredients.

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Nomakenolife Subscription Box
Nomakenolife is a monthly subscription box that contains 8-9 Japanese and Korean beauty products. Boxes change each month and include a range of products like sheet masks, hair products, makeup, skin care and beauty tools. These cute and unique products are great for daily use and will be a hit with any K-pop lover on your list.

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Korean Snack Box
Korean Snack Box
Who wouldn’t want to try their K-pop idol's favorite candy? Korean Snack Box is a fun gift box filled with delicious goodies, candy and chocolate from Korea that will let your loved one try the Korean treats that their K-pop idols grew up with. There are gift boxes for every taste such as the Chips box, Choco box, Jelly box or Pepero box. You can even get a monthly subscription where you'll receive a new surprise box filled with Korean snacks and candy once a month, with a monthly theme tied to Korean culture. The boxes ships worldwide directly from Korea.

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Everyone loves the card game UNO, and now there is the perfect version for BTS fans. This special edition has a colorful deck with images of BTS members on each card. This UNO game also has a special “Dancing Wild” rule. When this card is played, opponents must perform their favorite BTS dance routine or draw additional cards. And who doesn’t want to see their friends perform star-worthy dance moves?

Shop now for $6.49 on Amazon.
Korean Sheet Masks
Korean sheet masks are one of the hottest trends in skin care right now. Sheet masks stay on the skin longer to increase hydration. We asked Soko Glam, a store specializing in Korean beauty products, what the best sheet masks on the market are now. They recommended the popular MEG Two Step Jelly Mask for Soothing & Brightening ($6) and Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask ($3). This gift is great for your friend who loves K-pop and takes pride in their skin care routine.

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Heart Signal T-Shirt
A popular hand signal seen throughout K-pop culture is the heart finger symbol made with the thumb and pointer fingers. This T-shirt commemorates the hand symbol and would be an instant hit with your K-pop-loving friends.

Shop now for $18.95 on Amazon.
Peach and Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum
Peach & Lily
Glass skin is one of the most popular Korean beauty trends right now. Glass skin is a trend where people try to achieve poreless, luminous and flawless skin that has the appearance of glass. Help your friend achieve this look to match their favorite K-pop star with Peach and Lily’s Glass Skin Refining Serum.

Shop now for $39 on Peach and Lily.
Innisfree Holiday Collection
Innisfree, one of the leading South Korean beauty brands, has developed a line of gifts that are the perfect stocking stuffers — especially for someone who loves all things Korean. The Lip Balm Holiday Trio ($24) is a set of three moisturizing and lightweight formulas that give lips a natural-looking pop of color. If your friend is more of a skin care person, Innisfree also has a hydrating skin care set, The Orchid Youth Glow Set ($34).

Shop their gift sets now on Innisfree.
The K-Pop Dictionary
The K-Pop Dictionary
This dictionary contains 500 essential K-pop words and phrases, as well as a pronunciation guide. This dictionary will help your friend follow K-pop or Korean dramas better and help with the fandom jargon. It will also help expand the vocabulary of those already immersed in the culture. Or maybe get it for yourself to help understand your friend better.

Shop now for $9.95 on Barnes and Noble.
Missha Ultra Powerproof Pencil Liner and Ultra Powerproof Mascara
If your K-pop-loving friend is also a make-up lover, try a product from Missha, a Korean beauty and makeup brand. Missha’s Ultra Powerproof Pencil Liner ($18) and Ultra Powerproof Mascara ($25) come in black or brown colors and have super cute rainbow packaging. These products are sweatproof and waterproof, so no matter what happens at your friend’s next K-pop concert, they will be prepared.

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iFLY Hardside Fibertech Luggage
Each K-pop group has its own fandom color, such as blush pink for Girls’ Generation. iFly Luggage comes in a variety of colors and can easily match the fandom color of your friend’s most prized K-pop group. iFly luggage is high-quality, with a durable exterior, and 360-degree spinning wheels. It is a foolproof gift for your jet-setting friend who also loves K-pop.

Shop now for $83 on Walmart.
Korean Asymmetric Earrings
K-pop stars are always wearing the trendiest clothing and accessories. One popular accessory often worn by K-pop stars is asymmetric earrings. Each pair includes two baubles with different yet complementary designs. Buy your friend a pair of asymmetric earrings so they can look like their beloved K-pop star.

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Watermelon Illuminating Duo
Hanhoo’s Watermelon Illuminating Duo will keep skin glowing, hydrated and smelling great. The duo made by a South Korean brand contains the daytime facial oil that provides all-day hydration and the overnight serum that works overnight to nourish skin resulting in a bright and dewy complexion. Help your friend achieve the glowing skin popular in K-pop culture with this watermelon fruit extract.

Shop now for $35 on Amazon.
SMD Cosmetics Saromae Hydrating Snail Secretion Serum
This Korean brand, SMD Cosmetics, has a wide variety of cruelty-free, paraben-free and environmentally friendly products. Snail Serum helps turn over new cells, which promotes bright, hydrated and repaired skin. The snail slime is even ethically sourced.

Shop now for $88 on Amazon.
Soju is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in South Korea. Soju is delicious to sip on or to put in your favorite cocktail. Since its release in 1924, the best-selling soju brand in South Korea has been Jinro. Jinro offers a wide variety of flavors including strawberry, grapefruit and plum. No K-pop lover’s bar shelf is complete without a bottle of soju.

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Oh K! 2-Step Hair Mask
Does your friend want luscious locks like one of their favorite K-pop group members? The Oh K! 2-Step Hair Mask is the gift for them. This South Korean brand developed a mask that enriches hair with amino acids to nourish and improve the appearance of hair. This two-step hair mask will help promote soft, shiny and smooth hair.

Shop now for $8 on Oh K!
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