Palestinians comfort each other at the morgue of al Najar hospital as one of their relatives was killed in an Israeli air str
Palestinians comfort each other at the morgue of al Najar hospital as one of their relatives was killed in an Israeli air strike on their family house, in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, Monday, July 21, 2014. The top Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip signaled Monday that the Islamic militant group will not agree to an unconditional cease-fire with Israel, while Israel's defense minister pledged to keep fighting "as long as necessary," raising new doubt about the highest-level mediation mission in two weeks. (AP Photo/Hatem Ali)

I am so sick and tired of this awful and idiotic polarization from Israelis and Palestinians. Looking at my Facebook feed is like looking at ongoing toddler tantrums.

I see Palestinian friends supporting Hamas killings of as many Israelis as possible, and Israeli friends yearning for the death of Palestinians. And I thought my friends from both side were moderate, intelligent people.

Have you all completely lost your minds? Have we forgotten these are all human beings? Have we all decided to jointly support death and insure our unceremonious demise?

This chaotic spiral down explosion has never before been seen in this conflict at such scale -- not with the moderate majority. But moderation is now out and the new trend is extremism. And really, why am I surprised? It was bound to happen. It doesn't shock me any less, but it really was a long time coming. With extremist dictating the rules of the conflict, what did we expect? Both our governments have failed us, and of course the masses turn on each other while their leaders continue to toy with their lives. We are so stupid!

It's like in the past month every minute a new extremist was born. It is exhausting to try to explain to Israelis what democracy and freedom of opinion and speech is and why our government has abandoned us, as it is tiring to speak to Palestinians about Hamas being a religious fascist oppressive organization with leaders that let their people rot in a hell they built for them. And that is before I even started talking to all my friends around the world who have burst onto the scene in every social media outlet available, deepening the rift with complete lack of self-control: Hey foreigners -- you are not the ones who will have to heal and deal with this, so shut the hell up! You don't like us? We don't care!

My dear, dear fellow human beings, both Israelis and Palestinians -- the only people you are hurting with this boring rhetoric you are being fed by people who benefit from your suffering, death and misfortune, are yourselves. Wake Up!

Bottom line

Israel. You have failed your people. You sit in your cushy Knesset chairs, leaving an entire people under occupation without any attempt to learn from our past and make a better future. You have failed us by spewing more and more hate and hopelessness, blaming everything on the Palestinians without taking ANY responsibility. You have played the holocaust and religion hands over and over creating a golem that has finally erupted in the form of racism, fascism and the complete degradation of democracy. You took no responsibility on our futures, and kept an unjust status quo while corrupting our system of government, banking and social benefits. You will lead Israel to its bitter end with your self-entitlement and greed.

Hamas. You have failed your people. You have invested in weapons and death instead of infrastructure and life. The people in Gaza don't like you, and you have abused democracy to become a theocracy. You have failed in providing your people a better future. You continue to deny Israelis' right to exist and continue to aspire to kill us all. You have used violence when you had the chance to prove to the entire world, and mostly to your own people, that you are a valid government. You were elected in Gaza as it was granted autonomy. You chose violence. You will continue to fail.

And here we are, the little people, like puppets on strings, fighting the wars that were forced on us, losing ourselves to hatred, to ignorance, to failure.

I have news for you all -- neither Israelis nor Palestinians are going anywhere. No matter the past, no matter who was where first and who got where how. This is the situation now, and if we continue arguing about the past we are going to lose our futures. And our futures are bound together whether we like it or not.