Kacey Musgraves Honors Selena Quintanilla 24 Years After Her Last Concert

The Queen of Tejano's sister, Suzette, lauded the Rodeo Houston performance on Instagram: "Awww ... Takes me back."

Kacey Musgraves’ latest move is bound to make fans of hers and Selena Quintanilla’s feel like one of her songs: Happy & Sad.

On Monday night, Musgraves performed for Rodeo Houston and paid homage to the late singer at the very concert where Quintanilla gave her final performance more than two decades earlier. Tuesday marked the 24th anniversary of Quintanilla’s performance at the Houston Astrodome for Rodeo Houston.

The recent Grammy Award winner performed Quintanilla’s hit “Como La Flor” in a white jumpsuit, a nod to the Queen of Tejano’s purple jumpsuit from her performance, and gave concertgoers a true flashback experience. Musgraves, a native Texan like Quintanilla, even interacted with the audience throughout much like Quintanilla used to.

Her performance was so awe-inspiring, Quintanilla’s sister Suzette Quintanilla even posted on Instagram about it.

“Awww this makes me wanna shed a tear! Takes me back,” wrote Suzette, before thanking Musgraves “for the love.” 

HuffPost reached out to Musgraves for comment, but she was not available. However, she did comment on Suzette’s post.

“The utmost respect to you, your sister, and the music y’all created. I first learned Como La Flor to sing in my 5th grade talent show (lol) and it was a dream to be able to pay homage tonight to one of the greatest innovators and queens of all time,” wrote Musgraves in an Instagram comment.

“Especially the day before the anniversary. In my home state.”

Musgraves also shared a snapshot of the performance in her Instagram story, saying it was a “dream” of hers to “be able to pay my respects to her iconic legacy.”

It doesn’t seem that Kacey’s golden hour is ending anytime soon.