'Kadinchey': Pogo's Latest Remix Mashes Up Bhutan (VIDEO)

Australian electronic artist Pogo (Nick Bertke) puts remix artists to shame whenever he resurfaces. In his latest seamless production, "Kadinchey," Pogo remixed an entire culture, listening for the musicality in the language and habits of the Bhutanese people.

"Kadinchey" (which means "thank you" in Bhutanese) is a departure from Pogo's string of film and TV show remixes, including "Alice," cut from scenes in "Alice in Wonderland," and "Upular," based on "Up" and done in cooperation with Pixar ("Alice" was him going rogue).

This project took on a more grassroots form, launching earlier this year on Kickstarter with a mission to "Remix the World." Pogo's hope is to create an album with a video and song for each major culture in the world, citing films like "Baraka" and "Koyaanisqatsi" as inspirations. The world remix series will rely solely on you, the listener, for financing, rather than studios. "My world remix concept has peaked the intrigue of various labels, studios and TV channels – but as always with corporate deals, the dollars come with strings attached," Pogo wrote.

His forthcoming track, which was funded well beyond its goal of $15,000, will set its sights on Tibet. Pogo updated his financiers last month, announcing that the track and video were in their final stages.

Also last month, Pogo was arrested during his U.S. tour for not having a work visa, and spent three weeks in jail and a federal detention center. According to Pogo a failure on the part of The Agency Group to provide him the proper travel documents.

Here's hoping he gets work visas wherever he goes here on out, because we'd like to hear some Aussie accents remixed next, please.

Watch "Kadinchey":