Kaelin Clay Drops Ball At 1-Yard Line, Oregon Runs It Back For Touchdown

One Of The Most Insane Football Plays You'll Ever See

Utah, the 17th-ranked college football team in the nation, was on its way to a 14-0 lead against No. 4 Oregon when something truly bizarre happened.

Utah wide receiver Kaelin Clay caught a deep pass from quarterback Travis Wilson and appeared to run it into the end zone for a 79-yard touchdown. But as the home crowd went wild, perceptive Oregon players realized that Clay had, unbelievably, dropped the ball at the one-yard line -- rather than waiting until he had actually crossed the goal line, as is traditional.

The ball lay on the ground for several seconds, until Oregon linebacker Joe Walker picked it up and ran it back for a 99-yard touchdown, tying the game and sending the crowd into shock. Watch the madness above.

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