Kai Hibbard, Biggest Loser Contestant, Alleges Lies, Dangerous Practices On Show (VIDEO)

Kai Hibbard lost 118 pounds on season 3 'The Biggest Loser,' but she says that 70 of them came back and she left the show with an eating disorder.

"I found myself loathing what I looked like the more weight that I dropped because of the pressure on me," Hibbard said. "I found myself doing things like considering coffee a meal. And because of the pressures on the show it was considered acceptable to behave that way."

When Hibbard's hair started falling out, her friends staged an intervention and she slowly started eating again.

Hibbard also alleged the show misrepresented how much time had passed - it was often more than a week - and encouraged contestants to exercise while severely injured and diet by dehydration to make the numbers on the scale drop dramatically.

"Before I went on the show I never learned how to dehydrate to manipulate a scale," she said. "And when I left I knew how to do it better than some fitness competitors."