Kaitlin Brand, Teen, Makes Suicide Prevention Tribute After Mom's Death (VIDEO)

Kaitlin Brand wants you to know life gets better.

The 16-year-old Michigan teen lost her mother to suicide a few weeks ago. On Oct. 24, days before her sixteenth birthday, Brand took to the web to share her story.

She had one request for those struggling with suicidal thoughts: Get help.

Brand's mother battled with depression for about a year after receiving several surgeries, Grand Rapids' WZZM reports. A reporter sat down with the teen as she recalled finding her mother's body hanging in the woods.

"I felt like I was in a movie or something, because it didn't seem like it was really happening," she told the station.

"You're probably wondering why I'm smiling instead of crying," she states in the video. "It's because my mom would want me to be happy."

Brand said her tribute was meant to let others know they help is always available.

The video contains a simple, touching message in its description: "self explanatory. i love and miss you mom."

(Video found via Cafe Mom's The Stir)

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