Kaitlyn Bristowe And Shawn Booth Are Still Together, Just In Case You Were Wondering

Bed selfies are the best selfies.

For the most exciting news of the day, "Bachelorette" stars Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are still together. 

The couple, who got engaged during the Season 11 finale, shared an in-bed selfie with their Twitter and Instagram followers. In the snapshot, Bristowe and Booth pose under the covers, seemingly after a night of fun. 

Any chance someone wants to bring us coffee? Ok and Advil while you're at it.

A photo posted by Kaitlyn Bristowe (@kaitlynbristowe) on

This isn't the pair's first morning-time selfie. It appears bidding their fans good day is part of their daily routine. 

Good Morning ☕️

A photo posted by Kaitlyn Bristowe (@kaitlynbristowe) on

As is posting fun photos of their "normal" existence after starring on a reality TV dating show. 

Daryl & Donna.

A photo posted by Shawn Booth (@shawn_booth18) on

My girl. @kaitlynbristowe

A photo posted by Shawn Booth (@shawn_booth18) on

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