Kakuka - Moments Worth Sharing, Discover, Capture, Clip, and Share Memories with Ease

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This October, the world will finally see the ultimate app for sharing video moments – Kakuka! With Kakuka, users will be able to share fascinating moments in an easy and approachable way. What makes Kakuka stand out, according to beta users, is the easy-to-use cutting and sharing tools allowing you to browse, search, clip, and share one of your favorite moments!

Many users feel overwhelmed by the communities found on other social media platforms, thus they want a simple space where they can share and socialize with people from all walks of life. Kakuka is a fast-growing community that promotes diversity, respect, and compassion.

Kakuka is a small, but passionate team of seven professionals, and many talented contractors. They set out to create an app that would bring us the next-gen video experience inspired by switching old TV channels. Today, everyone has a smartphone, the videos captured everyday grow exponentially, but people’s time are very limited. People say that “sharing is caring,” but here, it’s emphasized in a world so interconnected and fast-paced.

Additionally, it is important to note that this is the first time we have such an app on the market. The team faced and overcame many challenges in development, and they have succeeded in creating the world’s first rotation-driven, video trimming tool, created for a mobile multi-touch screen. They also integrated Google’s YouTube API into the app so that users can search, browse, and clip YouTube videos frame-by-frame without leaving Kakuka, making it the easiest tool for clipping YouTube videos to date.

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Join this rapidly growing tribe of young creatives and visionaries as they aspire to share, explore, and connect. A picture is a worth a thousand words, and a moving picture is worth the whole world! The app is built with your time in mind, and is intuitive and fast, enabling you to edit and share your favorite moments on the go. Getting to know each other through sharing fascinating visual content has proven to be one of the best ways to understand the diversity and style of many different cultures around the world!

Do not hesitate to reach out for further information!

KAKUKA app will be launched in the US Apple App Store around October 9th

Official site: www.kakukaapp.com