Yes, You Can Turn Kale Into Brownies

Kale has officially peaked.

Since kale has come onto the dinning scene it has made a stand like no other leafy green before it. It basically replaced lettuce in the salad bowl. It has cozied up next to our favorite potato chips in the grocery aisle. Kale is making its presence known. And it's making a bold statement in brownies, too.

Chocolate Covered Katie -- a healthy dessert food blogger -- reports that many people who stumbled across her blog were in fact Googling kale brownies. KALE BROWNIES. Why this was happening will forever remain a mystery. Katie had never made kale brownies before, but those key words made her curious. And so, kale brownies were born in her kitchen.

Just because there's kale in these brownies does not mean they are automatically delicious. Nor does it mean they're as healthy as eating a kale salad. They are exactly what they sound like, brownies with kale in them. Katie warns that these brownies are for only the adventurous or health conscious individual. While they are rich and delicious, they are after all still kale brownies. You can even see green specks in them.

If that healthy and adventurous person is you, get the recipe for kale brownies over here. If you'd rather not eat your brownies with leafy greens in them, you can find all kinds of kale-free brownie recipes below.

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