How Your Blow Dryer Can Make The Best Kale Chips Ever


If you've ever been brave enough to make your own kale chips at home, you know how easy they are to make. (Seriously, don't ever buy them again.) But, you also know how hard it is to get just-washed kale perfectly dry. Dry kale is essential for making crispy kale chips -- any moisture causes the chips to steam instead of crisp, making it hard for any seasoning to stick to the leaves. We found one savvy food blogger, Eat Healthy Eat Happy, with a genius solution.

Yes, that is a blow dryer. And yes, she is using it on kale. We know this sounds ridiculous, but it is actually genius. Talk about an inventive way to get kale super dry, and it only takes two to three minutes. Just dry the kale as you would your hair, minus any product of course.

Head on over to Eat Healthy Eat Happy to see how this blogger makes her kale chips from start to finish.

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