Kale Chips Recipe: Bake Your Own, Trust Us

We care about you guys, so we need to have a quick minute of real talk.

We care about you guys, so we need to have a quick minute of real talk: stop buying kale chips. Just, seriously, stop it.

We know! They're crispy! They're delicious! They're marginally better for you than potato chips! We completely agree with those sentiments, but here's where we have to tough love you a little: they are actually so unfathomably easy to make, so quickly customized, so effortlessly perfected, that if you allow someone to charge you $8.00 for a 4oz. box of them, you have taken leave of your senses. Kale chip lovers of earth, let's take our senses back!

Please understand, we are not high and mighty when it comes to buying snacks in bags. We love ourselves a whole lot of junk food. But here's the difference: I can't make Cheetos like Frito-Lay can make Cheetos, but I can make one heck of a kale chip.

The blessed, incredible thing about this snack is that you can get them so crispy without needing to deep-fry them. Nearly every person I've ever made kale chips for lamented that they just hate to deep fry at home. Not to worry, friends, these bad boys are baked. And the fun doesn't just stop with curly kale -- Tuscan kale, Red Russian kale, even beet greens and chard can all make gloriously crispy chips.

Get them super, super, dry after they're washed. Toss them in a little olive oil, salt, pepper and whatever other seasoning you feel like (we've had great success with curry powder, cayenne pepper and Old Bay, respectively). Then you just put them in the oven at 350 degrees until they are done. Seriously.

The amount of chip you can get from one bunch of kale alone has saved you a ton of money and pride. You've beat the system today. Enjoy your kale chips, guys.

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