Kaley Cuoco Shows Her Love For Ben Higgins With 'Bachelor'-Themed Pants

Ben + a "Big Bang" = love at first sight.

Kaley Cuoco might just be the biggest "Bachelor" fan of all, thanks to an awesome pair of pants. 

The unique pants have Ben Higgins' handsome face plastered all over them with a few roses thrown in. 

"In honor of tonight's #bachelor episode, I'm wearing my one of a kind Ben-yoga pants courtesy of @goldsheepclothing," Cuoco wrote. "I'm obsessed and never taking them off #bachelornation." 

Cuoco got the chance to come sort of face-to-face with Higgins on a recent episode of "Bachelor Live." 

"Ben, you are the sweetest Bachelor ever," Cuoco said via a Skype call. "Some of those girls are insane, and you are so nice!"

Though the "Big Bang" actress is clearly obsessed with "The Bachelor" (aren't we all), fellow actress Allison Williams might have her beat. As Williams explained on an episode of "Bachelor Live" on Monday, her husband proposed at a "Bachelor" viewing party. 

"I would not be married to my husband if it weren't for this show," Williams said. "So where the viewing party is, is at my friend Lee Eisenberg's house ... and he has a couch where we always watch the show, and that's where Ricky proposed to me, was on Lee Eisenberg's couch." 

"The Bachelor" -- making love happen one episode at a time. 

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