Kaley Cuoco Slips On A Bikini For Pool Day With Ryan Sweeting

Spring is here and that calls for a pool day.

Kaley Cuoco slipped on a bikini and had some fun in the sun with husband Ryan Sweeting on Sunday, April 6. The 28-year-old "Big Bang Theory" star posed in a black swimsuit while riding on an inflatable swan. "Such an animal lover," Sweeting wrote on his Instagram account.

Cuoco also shared a photo from their poolside afternoon, showing her two dogs leaping into the water, writing, "Best. Day. Ever."

The newlyweds are clearly enjoying their new home. TMZ reported back in January that Cuoco and Sweeting were purchasing Khloe Kardashian's 8,000-square-foot Tarzana mansion that she once shared with Lamar Odom. Last month, Sweeting gushed about the new digs. "Feel like I'm at a friggin resort," he wrote.

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