Kaley Cuoco Is Binge-Watching Sitcom Couple She Was Told To Avoid

"The Big Bang Theory" alum is catching up on her TV during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kaley Cuoco is now binge-watching the sitcom couple she and her costar, Johnny Galecki, were told not to emulate on “The Big Bang Theory.”

That would be Sam and Diane, the dumb jock and the snooty intellectual brilliantly played by Ted Danson and Shelley Long on the bar-set comedy “Cheers” (1982-1993).

Cuoco told Conan O’Brien Thursday that when her character Penny and Galecki’s Leonard first met at the beginning of “The Big Bang Theory,” fans and press told her, “We don’t want Leonard and Penny to be Sam and Diane. We don’t want that to happen. And I never knew what that meant.”

Sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic provided the perfect opportunity to find out.

“Now that I’ve wrapped the show, I’ve decided now would be a good time to understand what that meant,” she said on “Conan.” (Watch the clip above.)

While she’s only on Episode 9 of the first season, Cuoco said she has a feeling about what’s going to happen.

Hopefully Cuoco isn’t reading this because of the spoiler ahead, but Long’s departure from the show in the fifth season included one of TV’s most memorable moments: the “have a good life” exchange.