The Kaley Cuoco And Johnny Galecki Dating Rumors Continue To Swirl

First comes bazinga, then comes...?

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

That's the sound of the rumor mill churning up reports about the relationship status of "Big Bang Theory" co-stars Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki after the two got close at the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday. 

Speculation that the actors would get back together has been flying around since Cuoco ended her nearly two-year marriage to Ryan Sweeting last year. Galecki and Cuoco, whose on-screen characters recently wed on "Big Bang," dated for about two years until December 2009, and have remained close friends since.

In response to the recent dating rumors, the two stars assured fans that their closeness was just "profound friendship" on their respective Instagram accounts.

"So sorry to dissapoint, but no home wreckers or secret flings going on here," Cuoco wrote in the caption of her photo. "Me and @sanctionedjohnnygalecki are just the best of buds - Leonard and Penny will just have to suffice!!!" 

Maybe profound friendship was all that was going on at the People's Choice Awards, too:

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