Kaley Cuoco Offers To Buy Horse Hit By Coach At Olympics

“I’ll buy that horse outright and show it the life it should have," the actor said of Saint Boy, who was struck by a trainer after refusing to jump fences in Tokyo.

Actor Kaley Cuoco said she’s serious about her offer to buy the horse that was hit by Germany’s modern pentathlon coach during the showjumping round of the event at the Tokyo Olympics last week.

“Name your price,” the star of “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Flight Attendant” wrote in an Instagram story on Friday.

Footage of Kim Raisner striking the horse called Saint Boy after he refused to jump fences for Germany’s Annika Schleu drew worldwide condemnation and resulted in Raisner’s disqualification from the games.

Cuoco, a keen horse rider who is married to fellow equestrian Karl Cook, called the incident a “disgrace” and “a disgusting classless abusive representation of our sport in so many ways.”

“I’ll buy that horse outright and show it the life it should have. Name your price,” she wrote.

“Oh, I wasn’t kidding,” Cuoco later commented on a news report on the offer.

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