Kali Collins, 10-Year-Old Colo. Girl, Saves Family By Calling 911 When Mom Goes Into Diabetic Shock While Driving

10-Year-Old Saves Family

A 10-year-old helped save her family's lives on Saturday after her mother went into diabetic shock.

Kali Collins called her dad when her mother, Erin Bolefahr, began driving erratically and blew out a tire. Not knowing where they were, Kali's dad asked Kali to call 911.

"You know the phrase, my heart dropped into my stomach," Kali's father, Kevin Collins, told MSNBC. "I guess that's what happened. My whole life is in that car."

While Bolefahr, Kali and her twin 8-year-old sisters Kaden and Kamryn were on their way to a McDonalds for ice cream and food, the car suddenly went onto the wrong side of a road in Commerce City and started "going backwards," Kali said.

Bolefahr has Type-2 Diabetes and is dependent on insulin. According to a report by CBS4, Bolefahr has had similar diabetic episodes before, but never while driving a vehicle.

“My mom is sick. She forgot to take her medicine,” Kali told the 911 operator.

Luckily Kali was able to identify a Bridgestone nearby and police were able to locate the vehicle before anyone was injured.

After her mother received medical attention for the episode, Kali was honored with a "Positive Ticket" from the Commerce City Police as a reward.

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