Kam Chancellor Got The Cops Called On Him For Looking At A Gym

"They told the cops I was trying to rob the place because I was looking into the glass asking for help."

Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor tweeted on Wednesday night that he had the cops called on him while he was reportedly looking to buy a gym.

Chancellor said he walked up to the doors of the facility, which was closed at the time, and the employees apparently thought there was enough of a threat to call the police.

The safety said he was upset at the situation because all he wanted was the location's phone number and some basic information. According to ESPN's Sheil Kapadia, Chancellor helps run "fitness boot camps for women."

On Thursday morning, the 27-year-old posted a message on Twitter seemingly in response to the incident.

This is the second public incident in the past few months where cops were called on a professional athlete who was simply trying to get service from a place of business. Employees in a Wisconsin jewelry store called the police on Milwaukee Bucks player John Henson in October 2015, reporting "suspicious activity." This was after the jewelry store employees had locked the door and prevented him from walking inside.

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