The New Rockstar Life Of Kama The Surfing Pig

New fame can be a scary thing. Suddenly, you have appearances to make. You have people to meet and greet. You can no longer walk the streets -- or in this case, the beach -- anonymously.

Earlier this year when we first met Kama the surfing pig, he was just a lovable piglet from the Hawaiian island of Oahu, who surfed at Sandy Beach and stole our collective hearts with his sandy little snout.

Now, as seen in the video above, Kama's around 30 pounds heavier, a vegetarian and a full-blown pro surfing celebrity. He's sponsored by brands such as Local Motion, Hurley, Safeway, and, every athlete's dream, GoPro -- which created a special harness for him to wear his new GoPro gear. He's making appearances at local film festivals and even starred in his very own movie poster.

And despite the dozens of bikini-clad girls that flock to the famed pig, Kama even reeled in his very own girlfriend -- who's an actress. Yes, he's that famous.

Below, peek into the new rock star life of Kama, the surfing pig.

Somehow, he always finds himself surrounded by beautiful women:

He loves to party with his new entourage:

He was even immortalized as a cartoon, further establishing himself as a true A-list celeb:

He basically achieved every extreme athlete's dream when he became sponsored by GoPro:

He's diversifying his talents; here he is on a motorbike:

And parasailing...

Even fishing!

But he sticks to his roots and still hangs 10:

But in our hearts, we know he'll always be the lovable:



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