Kamala Harris Supports Changing Columbus Day To Indigenous People’s Day

“Sign me up,” Harris said.

The presidential candidate’s support is part of a growing movement to re-evaluate the role of Christopher Columbus in the nation’s history and celebrate the shared history and culture of Native Americans. Columbus ― who never actually set foot in what is now the U.S. ― has received increased attention given his mistreatment and enslavement of indigenous people.

In 1992, Berkeley, California became the first U.S. city to make the change. Since then, a total of 56 cities and four states have followed suit.

“Sign me up,” Harris said when asked if she would push for the government to rename the holiday, per BuzzFeed News.

Last year, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) proposed taking Columbus Day off the federal holiday list and replacing it with Election Day.

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