Kamala Harris Stuns Husband On CBS With Hilarious Detail About Their First Date

"When you find out your wife actually *did* Google you before your first blind date," Douglas Emhoff later wrote on Instagram.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris does her research.

The California senator and her husband Douglas Emhoff sat down with Jane Pauley of “CBS Sunday Morning” for a wide-ranging interview that aired this weekend. Harris was asked at one point if she ever Googled Emhoff before they first met on a blind date in 2013.

“Oh, this is a reveal,” Emhoff laughed.

“I’ve never been asked that,” Harris added. “I did!”

“So, yes, my best friend set us up on a blind date,” Harris said. “And she said, ‘Just trust me. Just trust me.’ You know, she wanted me to just kind of go into it, and she said, ‘Don’t Google him.’ I did!”

Emhoff, who recently accepted a job teaching entertainment law at the Georgetown University Law Center, was a Los Angeles entertainment lawyer at the time. Harris was California’s attorney general.

The soon-to-be second gentleman later shared a snapshot of the moment on his social media platforms, writing, “When you find out your wife actually *did* Google you before your first blind date.” Harris teased the moment herself on her own page, saying “Thankfully Google didn’t scare me away.”

Emhoff said he was at a Lakers game with a friend when he first decided to text Harris. He called her the next morning and left her a rambling message.

“I left this ridiculous voicemail, which she has saved and plays back to me on our anniversary every year,” Emhoff said. “I thought I’d never hear from her again.”

“It was just, it was adorable,” Harris added. “And it was just, I mean, the thing about Doug is that he is exactly who he is. He’s just fully authentic and clear about the things he cares about. And it’s his family, his work ...”

“You,” Emhoff added.

The two married a year later in 2014.

Emhoff’s new Twitter handle, @secondgentleman, recently launched on the social media platform ahead of Wednesday’s inauguration.

In an Instagram post over the weekend, Harris revealed that she aspired to become a prosecutor to fight inequality and help people like her best friend, whom she learned in high school was being sexually assaulted by her father.

“Ever since that moment in high school, I knew I wanted to protect people—and that is what I did and will continue to do in the White House,” she wrote.

“And as I transition into the White House, I’m blessed to have Doug by my side. We were set up on a blind date in 2013, and it was practically love at first sight. It felt like we had known each other forever. We were married a year later in a ceremony officiated by my sister Maya.”

Watch the interview below.

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