Kamala Harris: Biden Isn't Going Anywhere But I'm Ready For An Emergency

Vice President Harris told CBS' Margaret Brennan that President Biden is sharp as ever but she'd be prepared to take office "if necessary."

Vice President Kamala Harris says there’s no reason to worry about President Joe Biden’s health, but she is more than equipped to assume office if something happens to the commander-in-chief.

Harris dismissed the possibility of Biden dying unexpectedly while praising the 80-year-old politician’s “transformative” presidency in an interview with CBS’ Margaret Brennan on Thursday.

Brennan confronted the big question after pointing to a Wall Street Journal poll that said two-thirds of Democrats are concerned the president is “too old to run” in 2024.

“Are you prepared to be commander-in-chief?” Brennan asked the former senator from California.

“Yes, I am, if necessary. But Joe Biden is going to be fine,” she said, going on to commend her boss’ strength and leadership.

President Joe Biden looks on as Vice President Kamala Harris delivers remarks from the White House Rose Garden on May 1.
President Joe Biden looks on as Vice President Kamala Harris delivers remarks from the White House Rose Garden on May 1.

“Let me tell you something: I work with Joe Biden every day,” Harris said. “The work that under Joe Biden’s leadership our administration has accomplished is transformative. I think the American people most of all, want a leader who actually gets things done.”

Overlooking any signs of voter anxiety, Harris said she was confident the Democrats have what it takes to win in 2024, which looks like it’s shaping up to be a rematch between Biden and former president Donald Trump, who is currently leading Republican presidential primary polls by wide margins.

“We will win reelection,” Harris said. “There’s too much at stake and the American people know it.”

Despite Harris’ reassurance, a CNN poll conducted by SSRS and published on Thursday revealed data nearly identical to the Wall Street Journal.

The poll says roughly three-quarters of Americans are seriously concerned that Biden’s age might “negatively affect his current level of physical and mental competence” as well as “his ability to serve out another full term if reelected.”

Others surveyed also questioned Biden’s ability to understand and address issues affecting future generations.

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