Kamala Harris Runs Up Lincoln Memorial Steps In Viral Video

The vice president's stair workout had a Secret Service agent hustling to keep up.

Vice President Kamala Harris is proving that she’s fit for office in more ways than one.

A fellow jogger filmed the new veep running up and down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, and the video has gone viral.

The memorial has 58 steps from chamber to plaza. That might have been a few too many for one Secret Service agent, spotted trying to catch up to Harris as she ascended near the statue.

Harris was greeted with a high-five at the top by a man who’s presumably her husband, Doug Emhoff, according to Bobby Tran, who shot a video of Harris’ training session. Tran posted the clip to his Instagram along with a selfie with his girlfriend and the vice president.

Harris, as they say, is a heartbeat away from the presidency, so it’s good to see she’s taking care of her health. She has said she’s partial to morning workouts and, when she couldn’t visit a gym during the pandemic, she improvised hand weights with filled 1-liter bottles.

While Harris was using the Lincoln Memorial stairs for cardio, she might have been able to visit a new broken-glass portrait of her that honors her shattering of the glass ceiling in politics. The installation was scheduled to remain in front of the memorial until that night.

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