Super PAC Swoops In With Ad Buy To Help Kamala Harris In Iowa

As the presidential candidate struggles in the polls, her aides have reportedly been signaling that they're open to super PAC help.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is about to get some help from a super PAC that is beginning to reserve airtime to boost her in Iowa.

The super PAC, People Standing Strong, is set to go on the air in Iowa starting Wednesday. The campaign hasn’t had any TV ads since September, and it stopped buying Facebook ads in the past two months.

Iowa is central to Harris’ strategy. She recently shed a significant portion of her staff in New Hampshire in order to invest more heavily in the caucus state. Yet Harris, who was once seen as a potential front-runner, is still struggling to break into the top tier in Iowa.

The arrival of super PAC assistance isn’t coincidental. The New York Times reported last week that her advisers, “after months of resistance, have only now signaled their desire for a group of former aides to begin a super PAC to finance an independent political effort on her behalf.”

As recently as late October, Harris was boasting that she didn’t have the assistance of a super PAC.

People Standing Strong was first registered in July.

Politico reported that the super PAC has so far reserved $300,000 worth of ad time, although that number could rise in the coming days.

The Harris campaign did not immediately return a comment on whether it welcomed the assistance of the super PAC.

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