Here Are The Kamala Harris Waving Memes You've Been Looking For

The internet turned an emotional moment of the California senator waving to unaccompanied minors in Florida into a meme.

As Kamala Harris ramps up her campaign for president, Twitter users ramped up their memes of the California senator.

In June, the presidential hopeful went to the Homestead detention center in Florida alongside other Democrats in the running for 2020. The Homestead shelter is the largest child detention center in the United States for unaccompanied minors and houses approximately 3,000 children.

Harris delivered powerful remarks about the children and the impact of the shelter, saying in an address to protesters outside of the shelter: “They are children who have fled, most of them, the murder capitals of the world. They are children who have arrived at our shore, at our border, seeking safety, seeking refuge, seeking security and we pride our selves on the strength of our nation.” 

However, despite the seriousness of the issue at hand, one of the things that the internet took away from Harris’ visit was a moment when she waved and touched her hand to her chest in a show of emotion toward some of the children in the shelter.

That visual has resulted in truly unhinged jokes on Twitter. We’ve, naturally, collected a few of the ones that made us laugh: