Kamen's Clock

You know the saying "two steps backward, one step forward." Inventor Dean Kamen is obsessed with challenging norms. His Two Steps Forward clock is genius, yet determined to discombobulate. From the man who seceded from the nation when America challenged his wind-powered island comes a timepiece with true personality.

With a day job that includes solving huge challenges like heart stents and defibrillators, portable kidney dialysis machines, prosthetic limbs, the Slingshot, the Segway and endless other inventions, he is most passionate about FIRST Robotics, which intends to inspire a love of engineering.

After spending his "free time" building this astonishing machine, he decided to auction it on charitybuzz. It is only up for a few more days, so check it out before time slips away. One hundred percent of funds raised will go to supporting FIRST.


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