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11 Odd Household Objects That Will Intrigue You, Then Frustrate You Beyond Belief

For as much discomfort her cruel designs give us, they do make us appreciate good design one hell of a lot more.

When we stumbled across Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani's collection of mundane objects, we felt curious. Then mild annoyance. Then frustration ebbing on anger, ebbing on need-to-look-away-right-now-oh-my-god.

The series, appropriately dubbed "The Uncomfortable," depicts mockups of household items whose design makes them impossible to use as intended. (But, by all means, try to figure it out.) A self-described design enthusiast, Kamprani is amused when she comes across poorly constructed everyday things.

"I always laugh," she told The Huffington Post, at "staircases that lead to ceilings and bathroom doors that open straight on the toilet."

For as much discomfort as her cruel designs give us, however, they do make us appreciate good design one hell of a lot more. They're all just renderings for now, but Kamprani told HuffPost she'd like to see real-life versions in the near future to help highlight the importance of user experience. Have a look for yourself below, then take a peek at the slideshow for some well-deserved visual therapy.

See more of Kamprani's cringe-worthy images here.

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