Republican Candidate’s Bonkers Campaign Sign Has Everyone Puzzled

Wait, what???

A Republican candidate seeking the party’s nomination for governor in Georgia held an event with a “Jesus Guns Babies” sign on her bus as she insisted that the state is a Christian theocracy.

“We’re gonna do a political rally and we’re gonna honor Jesus,” Kandiss Taylor said on Sunday, then dismissed any notion of separation of church and state.

“We are the church,” she said. “We run this state.”

She launched into a confusing explanation about how the church, as a business, can’t control the government “monetarily,” but that the church’s people do in fact control the government.

“We are the church, and if it’s of, by and for the people, the church runs the state of Georgia,” Taylor said. “This is our state. We decide what happens.”

Taylor is polling a distant third in this week’s Republican gubernatorial primary, with about 6% ― well behind incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp, whose biggest challenger is former Sen. David Perdue.

Twitter users called out Taylor for her push toward theocracy — and in particular her puzzling “Jesus Guns Babies” sign:

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