Watch Kangaroo Crack Car Windshield In Terrifying Feet-First Leap

The driver unleashes a series of curse words as it hits the window.

A kangaroo jumps feet-first into a car's windshield in dramatic footage posted online.

Gary Dellarmarta was driving down his dirt driveway in Elphinstone, 70 miles northwest of Melbourne in rural Australia, on Sunday night when the marsupial hopped out into his path.

His dash camera captures the animal leaping up into the air and landing on the car's windshield. Dellarmarta unleashes a series of curse words as the window is heard cracking.

The 'roo bounces off into the darkness, while the driver gets out of his vehicle to survey the damage.

The video was posted to YouTube soon after, and the clip is now going viral.

It's not known how the kangaroo fared following the accident. "It hopped away. It was too dark to see if it was injured," said Dellarmarta in a later YouTube comment.

Kangaroos colliding with motorists is an increasing problem in Australia, The Age reports. The Wildlife Rescuers charity said it received 4,195 callouts in 2015 for injured 'roos and wallabies in the state of Victoria alone.

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