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Kangaroo 'Censored For Facebook' Draws Outrage For Some Reason (PHOTOS)

Censoring This Kangaroo's Junk Is ROO-D

Does this censored photo make you hopping mad? If so, you're not the only one.

Tourism Australia posted a photo of a kangaroo with strategically chosen pixels on it to its Facebook page Aug. 16. The post said that the photo was "censored for Facebook."

kangaroo genitals facebook

Facebook went crazy. Some people took offense to the censorship. Others took it as a joke from the zoo. Chances are that Big Baz, the kangaroo from New South Wale's Featherdale Wildlife Park pictured below, more than likely doesn't think much about his revealing, reclining pose.

In a statement obtained by, Tourism Australia explained that the pixelation was intended for humorous effect:

"Anybody who's familiar with our Facebook page, knows we like to have a bit of fun with our posts, and when Featherdale Wildlife Park sent us this cracker of a photo we just couldn't resist sharing it with our fans in all of its magnificent glory... Or nearly all!"

Many people think kangaroo genitals deserve a place on Facebook. A search of Facebook revealed that no fan page for "animal genitals" yet exists. However, there is one for "horse cocks."

big baz kangaroo

Here are some reactions:

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