Tee'd-Off Kangaroo Chases Golfers Into A Viral Hole-In-One

Definitely not par for the course.

There are so many excuses a golfer can use to explain a poor outing: faulty equipment, ill-kept greens, the wind. But a charging kangaroo?

Try telling someone that at the bar afterward.

Two golfers at Hervey Bay Golf Club in Queesland, Australia, are now viral players after their run-in with a roo, several outlets reported.

In the video, Connor Reeves can be seen casually watching the beast sprint at them on the course before he is urged aboard the cart by an off-camera James Macklin.

Responding to comments that perhaps they incited the animal by firing golf balls at it, Macklin wrote on Facebook: "We didn't hit any golf balls at the Roo. I went to have my shot first and it chased me on foot so when Connor went to have his I got my phone out just in case he chased Connor which ended up happening. No harm was caused to the kangaroo!"

The incident happened about a year ago, but is now getting lots of media attention.

Talk about a roo awakening.

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