Meet Roger, An Incredibly Buff Kangaroo That Crushes Buckets

Meet Roger, An Incredibly Buff Kangaroo That Crushes Buckets

What, mate? You thought that was a buff kangaroo? No, this is a buff kangaroo:

roger kangabro

Meet Roger. He's a 9-year-old red kangaroo that lives at the Kangaroo Sanctuary at Alice Springs in Australia's Northern Territory.

The ripped 'roo measures more than 6 1/2 feet from head to tail and weighs almost 200 pounds. Chris "Brolga" Barnes, the sanctuary manager, told the Daily Mail that Roger's got a knack for crushing metal buckets and seems to enjoy sparring with other males.

roger swoled

While Roger's arms look remarkably swole, it's his legs that pose a real threat to anyone dumb enough to tangle with him. Barnes, who goes by "Brolga" (an Aboriginal word meaning "Crane"), said that a well-placed kick from a red kangaroo can be lethal.

"Don't mess with a 'Big Red.' They'll disembowel you ... or worse," he told the Daily Mail.

Barnes' life with Roger and the other 'roos are the subject of the BBC/National Geographic show "Kangaroo Dundee."

A former outback tour guide, Barnes quit his job to found the Kangaroo Sanctuary in 2005. He became a surrogate parent for 200 orphaned kangaroos. Here's a photo of Roger as a joey:

baby roger

Tahnee Barns, who works at the sanctuary, assured Mashable Australia that Roger's size was completely normal for an alpha red male kangaroo.

"He's still growing so he'll get bigger," she said. "The bigger they are, the more likely they are to win the females."

Although the program's title refers to Barnes, the Kangaroo Dundee told HuffPost that Roger is the real star of the show. We're not about to deny Roger that title, or anything else, for that matter.

roger kangabro 2

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