Kangaroo Escapes Captivity Thanks To The Help Of Another Animal

The kangaroo's Louisiana owners could reportedly face charges if they don't give up the marsupial.

A kangaroo hopped free from an enclosure thanks to one smart animal friend who set him loose in Louisiana.

Baxter, a joey at a Baton Rouge enclosure, escaped with the help of a parrot named Thor, who learned to open a door, his owners told WBRZ-TV.

Thor is one of a number of birds in the owners’ nonprofit Bird Recovery International.

The nonprofit’s “ultimate goal,” according to its website, is to help wild parrot species and improve ways to release them “into the wild.”

The joey’s stint out in the open surprised Braden and Ethan Nelson as they were driving down the road.

“[Braden] said, ‘There’s a kangaroo on the side of the road!’ I was like what are you talking about? I turn around, and sure enough, there was a kangaroo,” Ethan Nelson told WBRZ-TV.

As a result of the escape, the kangaroo’s owners ― who previously owned a zoo ― now have to give up Baxter due to a local law, according to WBRZ-TV.

The owners told the news station they hope to continue to house Baxter and aim to get a permit for him.

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