Watch This Officer Bring The Fire In A Valiant Attempt To Win A Dance-Off Against Kids

This officer may not have the moves, but there's no question he dances with heart and soul.

Earlier this week, a Kansas City, Missouri, resident was able to catch the dance battle to end all dance battles between a Kansas City Police Department cop and a group of neighborhood kids in the East Patrol Division. The video was sent to the KCPD Facebook page, and also uploaded to YouTube for the police department to proudly display.

In the video, the officer brings the fire and comes at the kids with his boldest moves, but the children respond with some pretty serious skill. Fear not! Because at the 0:30 mark, the policeman is at it again with his own impassioned interpretation of John Travolta's "Saturday Night Fever" disco arms.

Think that's all he's got? Well, think again! At the 0:50 mark, he employs the ultimate dance weapon -- the run-around-with-one-hand-on-the-ground.

He's no Michael Jackson, but we commend his confidence. Officer, continue to have no shame in your game.



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