Kansas City Zoo Gorillas Briefly Escape Their Enclosure (VIDEO)

WATCH: Sneaky Gorillas Seize Escape Opportunity

A recent escape at the Kansas City Zoo may have shocked some visitors, but they were never in harm's way.

Half-brothers Mbundi and Ntondo -- two western lowland gorillas who each weigh over 400 pounds -- escaped from their enclosure Sunday, prompting zookeepers to lock down parts of the zoo for about three hours, reported The Kansas City Star.

After visitors were relocated to safe areas, the 19-year-old gorillas were coaxed back into their enclosure using water hoses, according to KMBC.

Zoo director Randy Wisthoff told KMBC that the zoo will investigate the incident. He said, “It's much more about prevention on our side than punishing somebody for something. We will have some sort of disciplinary thing that we do when we fully understand everything, every step. We will take disciplinary action against those employees."

The Kansas City Star explained that the escape was caused by "two keepers [who] neglected to lock two interior cage doors." Despite officials' precautions, the gorillas never had access to the zoo's public areas.

Other recent animal escapes have been far less frightening. A goat in Melbourne, Australia recently led police on a four-hour chase before authorities secured the animal.

Residents of Vermont towns on Lake Champlain have been amused by an emu that has eluded authorities for over five weeks, according to the Associated Press.


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