Firefighters Are Happy To Rescue 12 Police Officers Stuck Inside Elevator

Fire crews 1. Cops 0.

Score one for the firefighters.

When 12 police officers got stuck inside a stalled elevator at their academy in Kansas City, Missouri on Wednesday, they just had to suck it up and call their friendly foes for help.

The Kansas City Fire Department soon arrived on the scene and freed the cops -- with whom they enjoy a healthy rivalry -- from their predicament. But not before one of the crew members, Tony Pisciotta, thoroughly milked the moment by posing for this photograph:

The rescue probably earned the city's fire department bragging rights over the police service for at least a decade.

St. Louis Fire Department Captain Gregg Farve posted the image on Twitter with the caption: "This shot of @KCMOFireDept #Firefighters rescuing @KCPolice from a stalled elevator wins the Internet for today." 

The Kansas City Police Department later shared the image, along with the sheepish caption: "Well that was embarrassing." The photograph has since gone viral.

Pisciotta later commented that it was his "pleasure" to "give my best cheese face for the boys in blue."

"I love how some of the guys ducked their heads to prevent being noticed, and others… well, went with it," he added.

The reason why the elevator malfunctioned was not revealed; however, some commenters speculated the dozen cops could have exceeded the weight limit.

None of the officers were injured in the incident, CNN reported.