Kansas Governor Election Results: Sam Brownback Wins Against Paul Davis

Incumbent Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) defeated Democrat Paul Davis in Tuesday's gubernatorial election.

According to the AP, Davis conceded the race Tuesday night.

Polls in the days leading up to the election revealed an extremely tight race.

The Republican Governors Association spent more than $4 million in the race. Despite that support from the RGA, many Republican voters turned against Brownback during his re-election campaign.

The Washington Post reported earlier:

That Brownback is in trouble might seem surprising, given that he won the governor’s office four years ago with 63 percent of the vote. He moved aggressively to implement one of the most conservative agendas of any governor in the country, patterned after Reagan’s supply-side policies. He signed off on deep tax cuts that he said would generate enough economic growth to turn the state around and also reverse the long decline in the state’s population.

So far, the program has not produced the predicted results, in growth rates or in state revenue. The state’s bond rating has taken a hit, and Brownback has been pilloried by critics over education spending.

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