Frank Martin Cursing: Kansas State Coach Curses Out Angel Rodriguez (VIDEO)

The transition from high school to college can be tough for any incoming freshman on any campus. The freedom of college presents as many challenges as opportunities, classes and course work are much more difficult than during high school and, if you play basketball for Kansas State, you have to get used to being yelled at by fiery hoops coach Frank Martin.

With Martin having run the show at Kansas State with his fire and brimstone approach since 2007, Angel Rodriguez very likely knew what he was getting himself into when he signed his letter of intent to play basketball there. With the Wildcats involved in a thriller against West Virginia in Manhattan on Thursday night, Rodriguez was on the receiving end of the latest Martin explosion.

Trailing by two points in double overtime, the Wildcats had possession. But Rodney McGruder heaved up a fairly open 3-pointer that missed, giving the ball back to the Mountaineers. Kansas State was forced to foul, and as the players made their way to the other side of the court, cameras caught Martin screaming at the freshman guard, who apparently was in the wrong position during the play.

Kansas State would ultimately lose the game 85-80, missing out on their chance to beat their former coach Bob Huggins.

Before the game, Huggins told ESPN that Kansas State fans, who were upset with his sudden departure after coaching for only one season in Manhattan, should be happy he left. "Frank [Martin] has done an unbelievable job," Huggins told ESPN. "From coaching to recruiting, he's done a phenomenal job."

While Martin's win-loss record seems to bear out Huggins' statement, one can't help but wonder if moments like the one between the coach and the freshman will ultimately have a negative impact on recruiting.