Kansas Teacher Asked To Resign After Showing Anti-Bullying Film

“I knew something was going to happen. I just didn’t know this would happen."

A Kansas teacher was asked to resign after showing his students an anti-bullying film following an anti-gay incident which took place in the classroom. 

Last month, Tom Lehy, a social studies teacher who has been at Conway Springs Middle School in Conway Springs, Kansas, since 1997, showed "Love Is All You Need" in three eighth-grade history classes, the Wichita Eagle reported. The 2013 short film is about a young straight girl who is bullied to the point of suicide in a world where being gay is the "norm." Lehy said he decided to show the video after a class project in which students were asked to create fictional colonies, but he noticed that there was at least one group that said gay people were not allowed in their colony.

“Then the issue of gay vs. straight came up, and a lot of them were not allowing gays into their colony and stuff like that… There were some hard feelings. Kids were getting upset," Lehy said. He said that he showed the film because he aimed to show something "important." 

Parents were upset with the film's graphic content, according to KWCH, and superintendent Clay Murphy told the network Lehy did not get permission to show it to students.  

"I loved what the message of the video was, but I should have done it in a different way and I understand what the superintendent and the board are having to do," Lehy told KWCH. "I hold nothing against them at all." 

Lehy, who planned to retire next year, is currently on leave and said he does not expect to return to teaching. 

"No resignation has been turned in or accepted," Murphy said to The Huffington Post in regards to Lehy's current status at the school. 

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