Kanye Is Exactly Like Disney And, Deep Down, You Know it

The magical world of Yeezney.

This week, Kanye West spun a cocoon around himself and, once inside, powered down to coordinate his remaining energy, reaching the next Yeezy level and emerging from said cocoon Kanye-er than ever before. 

You might roll your eyes, but the truth is, Kanye West really is like Disney, both the man and the corporation. Let's lay out the evidence.

  • People ignore the outrageous things they say (or have been purported to say) because they make things we like.
  • Both have more influence over children than is probably healthy.
  • Kanye loves him some animation.
  •  Like, really loves him some animation.
  • Try to explain your love of Kanye or Disney to your parents. Try. You can't.
  • They have their own shoes.
  • Kanye named his daughter North West, which is a Disney protagonist if we've ever heard one.
  • If Kanye had an amusement park, it would be equally creepy. Yeezney World?
  • If Walt Disney had a Twitter account (his deceased status not withstanding), it would be equally crazy. 
  • They both worked with Daft Punk.
  • Kanye Omare West is an anagram for "Awake Monster Ye," clearly a future Disney movie villain.
  • They've released a lot of amazing stuff, but who knows what they have stored away in the vault.
  • Just like Walt Disney, Kanye will want his body cryogenically frozen so future generations can experience how great he thinks he is. "But, Andy," you say. "Disney wasn't cryogenically frozen." Well ... I see the Disney people have already gotten to you.
  • But in general, Disney and Kanye are everywhere, whether we like it or not. We cannot escape them.


I think the evidence speaks for itself. Kanye is Disney.


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