The 'Kanye Is Fashion' Instagram Will Have You 'FourFiveSeconds' From LOLing

This Is By Far The Best Kanye Instagram Account Yet

Kanye West fancies himself a lot of things: Artist, musician, famed interrupter and designer, to name a few. It looks like he can add another title to that long list: Yeezy is officially fashion itself.

The "Kanye is Fashion" Instagram account depicts Nori's dad Photoshopped into a slew of outfits. Some are semi-realistic (Kanye in a drop-crotch suit doesn't seem too far fetched) while others are just plain bizarre (two words: llama onesie.)

The photos are sure to give you a laugh on their own, but the account creator's captions are pretty stellar. If you ask us, the photos lend themselves better to some of 'Ye's best lyrics. Take a look at the genius photos below.

"College dropout no more!"

A post shared by Kanye (@kanyeisfashion) on

"Ain't nobody fresher than my clique."

A post shared by Kanye (@kanyeisfashion) on

"I'm FourFiveSeconds from napping."

A post shared by Kanye (@kanyeisfashion) on

"I bought this to do my new workout plan in. You like it?"

A post shared by Kanye (@kanyeisfashion) on

"No one man should have all that.. hat."

A post shared by Kanye (@kanyeisfashion) on

To see more, head to Instagram.

(H/T Bustle)

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