Kanye Kills Coinye

Kanye Defeats Anonymous Internet Nerds

The nerds will not be getting their revenge this time -- at least in the battle between Kanye West and some anonymous internet geeks.

On Tuesday, West's lawyers filed a lawsuit against the anonymous founders of the new digital currency Coinye, which was apparently enough to convince the coders to back down from their several days-long fight.

They also posted this image to their website:


The lawsuit included a sampling of tweets from confused fans who actually believed Kanye invented the currency.

"With each day that passes, Mr. West's reputation is irreparably harmed by the continued use of the COINYE WEST, COINYE and/or COYE marks in connection with Defendants' goods and services," the lawsuit stated.

Last week, West’s lawyers filed a cease and desist letter over the currency, which is modeled after Bitcoin and named after the hip hop artist.

In response, the currency's founders changed the URL of their website from coinyewest.com to coinyeco.in. They also changed the image on the coin from a picture of Kanye to a picture of Kanye looking like a fish (below) in response to the legal threats from the soon-to-be Mr. Kardashian.

coinye today

Ultimately, backing down was probably the right choice. If Kanye can do this to pop sensation Taylor Swift...

taylor swift kanye west

... imagine what his wrath would look like directed at some normals.

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