Kanye West Tweeted Out '2024' And Now Everyone Is Going Bonkers

Could 2024 be the year when we get a true West Wing?

Could the West Wing one day become a lot more literal?

There’s been plenty speculation that Kanye West wants to run for president, and now, an ominous tweet from the hip-hop star is adding some fuel to the fire.

“2024,” he tweeted Saturday. No explanation, no follow-up.

The question is, would Kanye really do it? Friend and fellow musician John Legend says that the rapper has mentioned running for president “multiple times.”

“I think he’s serious,” Legend told The Sun.

The “All Mine” rapper has in the past expressed admiration for Donald Trump, and Legend believes it’s because he sees some of himself in the president. “[Seeing] Trump winning makes it feel like he could do it too,” the singer said.

You never truly know when it comes to Kanye. But people on Twitter were all over the place in their reactions ― some ready to lend a hand, some breathing into a bag hoping it isn’t true, and the rest just cracking jokes.