Kanye West Enjoys A Sunny Afternoon Snooze Just Like The Rest Of Us

But Kim's not about to let him get away with it.
How many times do you think Kim has caught Kanye napping? 
How many times do you think Kim has caught Kanye napping? 

Thank you, Kanye West, for reminding us how blissful naps on a sunny afternoon really are. Well, so long as wife Kim Kardashian has an eye on the kids ...

Earlier this week, Kardashian caught West napping on a park bench while their 2-year-old daughter, North West, played nearby. Their 5-month-old son, Saint West, appeared to be snoozing in a stroller next to dad.

Mom spied the perfect opportunity for a practical joke. In the video, she schemes: "The question is, do I take both kids -- do I take both kids and, um, leave him here sleeping?"

Not so fast, Kim! Your hubby may have the right idea.

Studies show taking a break to get some shuteye can help recharge and reenergize our brains, boosting productivity, creativity, alertness and memory. Just be sure not to snooze too long. Experts suggest napping no more than 30 minutes to avoid waking up groggy and not napping too late in the day to avoid interfering with nighttime sleep.

So kudos to Kanye, for making time for sleep -- not so much for snoozing through parental responsibilities. After all, it's not the first time you've been caught nodding off with the kids and without.


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